Salted Cod “Bacalao” Fritters

Whether you call it "bacalao" , "baccalá", "bacalhau" or "bakaliáros", salted cod is an easy to prepare and budget-wise option for Fish Night. Here at H&T Kitchen, we have provided two recipes for Salted Cod, often finding the portion size of the cod offered at the deli is too large for just one dish. (see our … Continue reading Salted Cod “Bacalao” Fritters


Pan Cooked Fish w/ capers, tomato & olives

This would have to be one of our favorite Sardinian inspired fish dinners.  It combines the classic mediterranean flavours of tomatoes, caper, onions, olives and anchovy on a bed of finely sliced potatoes, to create a dish which is wonderfully gratifying to the senses. When purchasing fish for this recipe, ensure to use a white fish, cod is … Continue reading Pan Cooked Fish w/ capers, tomato & olives