Spiced Cinnamon Scrolls

As many of us embrace the changes associated with working from home, we find ourselves pining for a good reason step away from the screen. You may find yourself going to the kitchen for a drink.. a bite to eat..or checking on your furry friend is sleeping peacefully in the next room. If you enjoy … Continue reading Spiced Cinnamon Scrolls



Here's a recipe for your cheat sheet. Instead of regular pizza dough, we use a butter puff pastry. The butter in the pastry takes these tasty morsels to another level. Of course, you can use a margarine/canola puff.. but in my opinion..if you're going to indulge in puff pastry, it might as well be the … Continue reading Pizzette

Quinoa & Bean Salad

There seems to be a growing number of claims regarding the health benefits of the humble pomegranate. Similarly, we also see an increase in the number of pomegranate derived products in the health food store. (I sense you may be asking a "chicken or egg" question).  In the meantime, while Western Science continues it's research … Continue reading Quinoa & Bean Salad