Quinoa & Bean Salad

There seems to be a growing number of claims regarding the health benefits of the humble pomegranate. Similarly, we also see an increase in the number of pomegranate derived products in the health food store. (I sense you may be asking a "chicken or egg" question).  In the meantime, while Western Science continues it's research … Continue reading Quinoa & Bean Salad

Chocolate Chia, Pinenut & Cointreau Biscotti

  This recipe epitomises decadence and indulgence!! Combining ingredients such as  chocolate, pinenuts and Cointreau would certainly indicate that you enjoy being a little extravagant in the kitchen. The most difficult part of this recipe is in gathering enough will power not eat the raw ingredients! These chocolate Biscotti are light on sweetness and super … Continue reading Chocolate Chia, Pinenut & Cointreau Biscotti