Pasta Vongole (Pipis)

Pipis are yummy little clams found around Oz and New Zealand. Substitute them with whichever clam-like molluscs you can find around your neck of the woods. Years ago, pipis were primarily used as bait in South Australia, and it was not until Italian immigrants introduced vongole into restaurants in the 1990s that they became part … Continue reading Pasta Vongole (Pipis)



For as long as I can remember, our mother has always used this recipe on her barbecued meats. It may sound monotonous, but the reality marries well with all meats, including fish... and is pretty hard to beat when it comes to ease of preparation and flavour. Salmoriglio (Sarl-more-illi-oh) is a Southern Italian marinade. … Continue reading Salmoriglio

Pan Cooked Fish w/ capers, tomato & olives

This would have to be one of our favorite Sardinian inspired fish dinners.  It combines the classic mediterranean flavours of tomatoes, caper, onions, olives and anchovy on a bed of finely sliced potatoes, to create a dish which is wonderfully gratifying to the senses. When purchasing fish for this recipe, ensure to use a white fish, cod is … Continue reading Pan Cooked Fish w/ capers, tomato & olives