Pizzelle (Italian Waffles)

Signora Rosa lives around the corner from our childhood home. She and her husband Giovanni belonged to a generation who survived the hardships of WWII and the poverty which swept through rural Italy in the post war years. As children, Giovanni would always encourage us to persevere in our studies and pursue our love of … Continue reading Pizzelle (Italian Waffles)


Pan Cooked Fish w/ capers, tomato & olives

This would have to be one of our favorite Sardinian inspired fish dinners.  It combines the classic mediterranean flavours of tomatoes, caper, onions, olives and anchovy on a bed of finely sliced potatoes, to create a dish which is wonderfully gratifying to the senses. When purchasing fish for this recipe, ensure to use a white fish, cod is … Continue reading Pan Cooked Fish w/ capers, tomato & olives