Pasta Rotolo with Warrigal Greens

“What’s that??” I hear you say…”You’ve never heard of Pasta Rotolo?”

Ain’t it funny that dishes such as lasagna and cannelloni have become so mainstream, but this wonderful dish has been hidden from pasta lovers around the foodie globe.

The one (and only) time I saw this dish commercially produced was at a wedding function about ten years ago. Before that, I had only ever seen it made by my mother for special occasions. I recently conducted a google search to see if it had risen in popularity …ummm… nope.

So, at H&T Kitchen, we’re endeavoring to extend the repertoire of pasta dishes beyond cannelloni and lasagna. We hope you enjoy Pasta Rotolo as much as we do.

What you will need:

400g minced beef

150g minced pork

1 brown onion, diced

1 clove garlic, crushed

4 cups warrigal greens or spinach, blanched and chopped (see our notes about warrigal greens here)

100g grated Parmesan

2 tsp ground nutmeg

500g fresh lasagna sheets

4 small cotton tea towels or 4 pieces (30 x 30cm) calico

750ml sugo or pasta sauce

Flaked parmesan to serve

How to prepare:

Heat a large pan. Add some olive oil and the mince. Brown the meat quickly, then add the onions. Reduce the heat and allow to cook until the onion is wilted. Add the garlic and warrigal greens/spinach and cook for a further minute or two.


Step 1


Step 2

Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Add the cheese, seasoning and nutmeg.


Step 3

Follow the steps below to fill your pasta.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Use a large stock pot to cook your pasta Rotolo. Simmer it gently in salted water for an hour. You may need to turn it over at half-time if it is not completely submerged in the water.


Once cooked, remove from the water and allow it to rest for 20 minutes.

Unwrap and slice the log into 3cm pieces. Arrange on a plate and ladle hot sugo over the pasta. Garnish with some flaked parmesan cheese.

Buon appetito!


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