The Real Aperol Spritz

An intrinsic part of the Dolce Vita is the Aperitivo (Aperitif or pre-dinner drink) enjoyed daily by many Italians, as well as other Europeans. A healthy attitude towards the consumption of alcohol in Italy means that you can stop at a little bar, and order a aperitivo (always served with a selection of nibbles) for the same price as a can of Cola.

Consequently, there are so many Cocktails and liqueurs that Italy is famous for, there’s the Bellini cocktail, Martini bianco, Amaro and Amaretto -just to name a few of our favourites. A cocktail that has certainly made a comeback and has grown in popularity this Summer is the Aperol Spritz. As the name Aperol implies, it is best served as an Aperitivo. We are happy the Aperitivo (Dolce Vita) culture is emerging in Melbourne with bars such as Carlton’s Heartattack and Vine fast become a favourite stopover for many Melbourians. For those of you who haven’t yet found a funky little bar serving Aperitivo, this one’s for you!!

Here is how you make it…

30 mls Aperol

60mls Prosecco


Slice of orange

100mls Soda water

Half fill a wine glass with ice. Add a slice of orange.

Pour over the Aperol. Add the Italian Prosecco.

Top with soda water.
Enjoy !


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