Chorizo & Calamari

Chorizo orginates from the Iberian coast in Spain and comprises of pork that is air cured with paprika. Typically spicy in flavour, Chorizo sausage is served hot and is an essential ingredient on the Tapas menu. The simplest way to serve Chorizo is sliced and grilled in a pan. Today’s recipe combines Chorizo and another Mediterranean classic from the sea, squid or calamari. Simple and baked in the oven!

When visiting your fish monger for this recipe, feel free to purchase either squid or calamari. Generally, squid is the less expensive option, but calamari usually produces a more tender result.

Serves 2

What you will need… 

1 fresh squid, medium size, cleaned and cut into pieces

1 Chorizo sliced into 1cm pieces

Juice of 2 lemons

1 clove garlic crushed

Sprigs of fresh oregano and thyme

1 tsp olive oil

Salt and pepper to season


Using a ceramic or terracotta baking pot (no larger that 20cm diameter) , add olive oil and and garlic to coat the base.

Place the calamari into the pot and layer the top with sliced Chorizo.

Pour lemon juice over the top

Chorizo-Calamari-TapasPlace sprigs of herbs as a bunch on the top.

Close the lid and bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

Move the lid to the side, leaving the pot ajar,but still covered and bake for a further 20-30 minutes to allow the juices to evaporate.




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