Tash’s Granola & Chocolate Breakfast Mousse 

Fancy a chocolate mousse dessert for breakfast? Well if it's of the healthy kind... then why not?? We were lucky to receive some delicious samples of Tash's Granola muesli. As far as granolas are concerned, Tash's product is quite unique. It is made with a selection of puff quinoa, whey protein isolate, activated buckwheat coconut … Continue reading Tash’s Granola & Chocolate Breakfast Mousse 

Walnut Season

Victorian Walnuts are in season!! Easy and highly nutritious, there are many sources which indicate that a handful of walnuts is a simple substitute for your daily multivitamin tablet.  Given all the hype that has surrounded the use vitamin supplements lately, I'm more than happy to let my kids munch on a few walnuts while I … Continue reading Walnut Season