Venetian Spice

This is an inspirational recipe from Rick Stein’s Venice to Istanbul travels. He uses it in a Venetian seafood risotto, however it can be used to spike a range of recipes with some interesting flavors that certainly can turn an ordinary recipe into an extraordinary one. We were pleasantly surprised to find spices such as turmeric and cumin used in Italian cooking, however given that Venice was once the primary trade port for spices, we certainly understand how spices of the orient have infused with Venetian cuisine.

Easy to prepare and store in a jar for future use!


4 tbs Tumeric

8 Cloves

1 tbs Cumin

1 tbs Coriander Seeds

1 tbs tbs Chilli powder

8 Cardamon Cardamon pods

1 Cinnamon stick

Grind together either using a mortar and pestle, thermomix or mix master to create a fine powder.

Store in a jar and use to add to meat, chicken or seafood recipes.







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