The Scrooge invades Easter….

Hey….don’t get me wrong……I like to indulge the senses with a delectable piece of chocolate, as much as the next person…. but reading the ingredients listed on my chocolate bunny’s behind is often disheartening. Furthermore, I simply can’t bring myself to terms with the thought of scattering handfuls of grainy-tasting chocolate eggs in the garden for the children’s egg hunt.

So this year, we are  on a mission to do things differently.  Instead of celebrating Easter with bagfuls of blahhh, I will only be gifting one small (but good quality) egg to my nearest and dearest. And as a novelty, I will adopt the Eastern European tradition of gifting real eggs.

I ordered some great little egg wraps from an Ebay trader. They arrived in the mail within days. I set out straight away to try them out.

I cooked half a dozen hard boiled eggs, taking them off the heat and immediately placing them in cold water so that the yolk doesn’t turn grey. Once cooled, the kids helped me place a plastic egg wrap on each egg. I then lowered each egg into boiling water for a few seconds. Voila, they’re ready to go!!


Note: Boiling eggs removes a protective coating which helps them stay fresh for longer. Hence, you need to consume the hard boiled eggs within a few days of preparing them.


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