Quinoa & Bean Salad

There seems to be a growing number of claims regarding the health benefits of the humble pomegranate. Similarly, we also see an increase in the number of pomegranate derived products in the health food store. (I sense you may be asking a "chicken or egg" question).  In the meantime, while Western Science continues it's research … Continue reading Quinoa & Bean Salad


Tash’s Granola & Chocolate Breakfast Mousse 

Fancy a chocolate mousse dessert for breakfast? Well if it's of the healthy kind... then why not?? We were lucky to receive some delicious samples of Tash's Granola muesli. As far as granolas are concerned, Tash's product is quite unique. It is made with a selection of puff quinoa, whey protein isolate, activated buckwheat coconut … Continue reading Tash’s Granola & Chocolate Breakfast Mousse 

Toasted Granola Muesli

We love making our own Toasted Granola Muesli. Usually we make a batch every 2-3 weeks, experimenting with various ingredients, depending on what's in season.We also enjoy interchanging various dried fruits and nuts, according to our heart's desire. Compared with the supermarket Granola's, homemade granola is inexpensive and much tastier, especially because you can add … Continue reading Toasted Granola Muesli